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Lords of Retribution was one of the first guilds created on Kel'thuzad when the game orignally launched. The guild started out as a PvP guild and was home to one of the first Grand Marshals (Ov) on the server. Soon after the Guild slowly turned into a Raiding guild and started pushing content all the way from MC to ICC. Where the guild was ranked within the top 3 guilds on the server for multiple raids. During ICC the Guild server transferred off Kel'thuzad to Eredar due to the servers being extremely laggy and crashing. The guild continued to push content in Cata through Firelands where the guild began to fall apart. Some of the orignal Officers and Guild Master transferred back to Kel'thuzad. The Guild is currently a Casual group of friends that PvP and sometimes Raids just to have some fun.
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